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Radio Reviews: The Retevis RT84 a Cheap DMR

The Retevis RT84 is a semi-competent handheld radio. It is a good contender as a starter into the world of Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) that is both affordable and usable. A lot of digital radio at the moment is quite expensive and can demand quite a premium over the analogue radios with the Retevis RT84 being three times the price of the Baofeng UV-5R. The Retevis RT84 is one of the cheapest VHF/UHF DMR’s on the market right now. This makes it a good radio to look into, to test the waters as it were to see if it is worth investing in a more expensive solution or not. However they’re not without their faults, and there is a lot of them.

Baofeng UV-5R (III)

Radio Reviews: The Humble Baofeng UV-5R

The Baofeng UV-5R is an extremely capable radio for its price point. They are easily the cheapest VHF/UHF radio on the market right now, that I know of. You can rest assured that you’re not going to break the bank buying one of them. There are a few things to bear in mind and consider when purchasing these radios. If you’re an amateur and you’re wanting a cheap mobile unit to go on the air with – this is the radio for you.