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About me and how I got started


Hello, I'm Sai (M7TEM) and I am a newly licenced individual but I first got into radio when I was about sixteen years old, and I bought a pair of Binatone MR100's from Argos in the UK. These were PMR446 radios that I played around with. I found a conversation going on which as hard as I tried, they couldn't seem to hear me. I started playing around with CTCSS and found, with the other radio that I couldn't hear myself. So I put two and two together and started browsing the tones until I could hear this coversation again, whilst using the other radio to monitor it. I eventually got access to it, and it turned out to be an amateur that likes 446. But then I moved away, and then found my way back to the hobby. This is my site, on my exploration into amateur radio.


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Radio Interests



DMR and other digital modes such as how they work, how the packets are put together etc...



To experiment with radio in general, such as antennas, different bands/modes and so on...



Radio is a key part in communications around the world (and beyond), be that as is, mobiles and so on...

Equipment Showcase

HF/VHF Propergation and Solar-Terrestial Data